Thursday, September 10, 2009



Where do I get my Courage? Where do I get my strength? Where do I get my determination? GOD!!!!

I’m sure many would feel that, I am speaking so negatively of the horrible abuse that I sustained many years ago. Well, I’m not!!!

I refuse to hide, I refuse to keep silent. My voice will help others who have been afraid, my voice will help many come out of that dark hole.

The abuse from the past has left me with a handicap and that is my vision. If GOD would bless me with wealth, I would give it up! I would rather have my vision back then any money in the world!!

I do not feel pity for myself; I am strong, positive and determined woman. I realized sometime ago that, coming out and speaking against Domestic Violence involving police officers would hit a nerve.

Many of us have not survived, many will live with scars but…..Many of us will speak out.

So, to those who are uncomfortable with my notes or my blogs, I pray that you will find it in your heart to show compassion to the woman, children and men who are victims and survivors of Domestic Violence.
My courage is what keeps me going and because of the GREAT SPIRIT. I WILL CONTINUE TO SPEAK OUT!!!!

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